Creativity In Business

sunny skyCreativity often appears to be one of those things that some people possess in far greater quantities than do others. However, many people fail to recognize how creativity can lead to innovation.

Creative individuals express their creativity in different ways. Some people are great visual artists or they are able to write songs or stories that can touch the hearts of millions. Still others are creative when it comes to setting up a business and then figuring out how to run it successfully. Many times, creativity stems from a strong desire to do something that is different. That desire thereby requires that a person be creative enough to make their dreams come true. This is when creativity most frequently leads to innovation.

Even taking something as mundane as accounting we have the example of Xero who have turned the accounting and bookkeeping software market on it’s head with their groundbreaking design. Online bookkeeping companies such as these music accountants¬†have then taken that software and turned it into an innovative service using not only the normal PC browser based version of Xero but utilising the smartphone and tablet app as well. The Xero app can be used on an Apple iPad and the whole Apple story is another textbook case of creativity in business.

Imagine having a desire to start a business without having any business experience. Countless numbers of individuals have done exactly that and they have succeeded. However, literally thousands of individuals have attempted to do the same thing and failed miserably.

What really makes those who succeed different from those who fail?

In some cases, it is undoubtedly that certain individuals who are successful have a better understanding of business than others who fail. However, many people have who have virtually no experience in running a business find a way to make it work. This is because they are more creative and more determined than those who fail to succeed.

creative collaborationThe creativity of an individual often fosters innovation when they realize that they have a dream that is viable and then they set out to decide exactly what they need to do to make that dream become a reality.

It takes a lot of creativity to operate a business on a shoestring budget and it takes even more to develop a business from nothing and turn into something that is able to generate significant profits. Creative individuals seem to have a knack for understanding how to think outside of the box in order to create an idea that will get the attention of the general public and then put all of those ideas into action. The innovation that follows is the development of a business that is consistently successful and one in which the person who is operating it is constantly learning as he or she goes. Therefore, those who are the most creative are likely to experience the greatest degree of innovation when it comes to running a business.