Creativity workshops and how they can help your company.

creative workshopBoosting creativity by hosting a workshop.

One of the best ways to breathe some creative life into your company is to host a creativity workshop. Taking the time to help employees find their creative side not only helps workers feel better about themselves, it’s also a great way to foster innovation. We all know that innovation is key to running a successful and profitable business. Today will be discussing the things you need to know in order to set up and run a successfully creativity workshop.

Tips on hosting creative workshops to increase productivity.
  • Find the perfect location – One of the best ways to foster creativity is to host your workshop somewhere away from distractions and a comfortable place. Employees tend to be more open in relaxed situation, so why not host your workshop outdoors in a tranquil setting? Many local parks have outdoor pavilions that can be rented for a small fee and would be a great place for your next creativity workshop.
  • Decide who is coming – Depending on the size of your company and its workload not all employees can stop what they are doing in order to attend a workshop. So before deciding who will attend, ask yourself which employees would benefit the most from a creativity workshop.
  • Set clear goals – Before the workshop begins it’s a good idea to set a clear goal to work on. If you have a certain project that you are working on that needs more innovation or a department in your company that lacks enough creativity, try to focus your workshop on these areas.
  • Give everyone a voice – During the workshop make sure to let everyone have a say and encourage it. If you see some of your workers not participating try to get them to join the group and give their own input. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and make everyone feel comfortable sharing with the group.
  • Make sure to follow up – After the workshop is over with make sure to follow-up on what you have learned and discussed. Don’t let a lot of time go by before acting and make sure to keep up with the employees that attended the workshop to see how effective it was.