How to foster creativity in your company

Five ways to foster creativity in your business.

Building your business to foster creativity is a sure fire way to help your company stay strong. When the people who work for you are given the freedom to be creative not only will they be happier but your company will grow as a result. Let’s face it no one wants to work for a company that doesn’t care about employees input or gives them freedom to contribute their ideas. Companies that have a closed door policy to individual worker creativity and input tend to have high employee turnover rates.

Today we will be discussing five unique ways to build a better business based on creativity. Whether you are an existing business or a company about to open its doors, you will benefit from implementing some of these tips in your work force. So let’s take a look at how to breathe some creative wind in the sails of your company.

  1. Make decision a team sport – A great way to get workers excited about what’s going on in the work place is to break them into two or more teams. Allow each team to brain storm in order to come up with a creative solution for the problem at hand. Once the teams have presented their solutions, carefully select which team has the best answer and reward them. An appropriate reward could be to add 15 minutes onto one of their lunch breaks.
  2. Give employees their own personal space – No one likes a drab work environment. By letting your employees bring in personal items that make them feel good will help them be more creative. Instead of a blank cubicle with only company related items, why not let your employees live a little?
  3. Give them more freedom – Creativity is often hampered by too much management. Instead of micro-managing every job and project in the company, give employees the freedom to come up with their own solutions to the problem even if it means a failure or two. Failure helps build character and allowing your employees to make mistakes and learn from them will make your company stronger in the future.
  4. Treat them all as equal – From the newest employee to your most seasoned give each and every worker an equal say in decision making. By allowing every worker to have a say, many great ideas will be fostered. You never know which employee might come up with the next great idea, so why put a cap on who can contribute?
  5. Host creativity workshops – Bring an expert in once or twice a year and hold creativity workshops to help boost innovation. This is a great way for you and your employees to learn new ways and open up their creative mind. Creativity workshops are cost effective way to boost productivity which is always great for your bottom line.