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How To Turn Instagram Likes Into Sales? – Best Guide


Keeping the lights on and in a decent place costs a thousand Facebook fans a month. Staff compensation: Instagram monthly likes of $10,000. If you fill up your tank every month, it will cost you 50 likes. It would be nice if Instagram likes could pay the rent, but the reality is that they can’t. However this doesn’t make your Instagram likes completely meaningless. In truth, businesses may convert Instagram post likes into paying customers with some careful marketing planning. How? Read this book to learn how to make Instagram pay for itself.

1. Using Instagram As A Sales Platform

Are you one of the 50% of Instagram users who follow brands? Indeed, it is the case. There are 200 million daily visitors to the social networking site, and a large percentage of them are checking out the company profiles. Instagram has expanded beyond its original purpose of connecting friends and family. More than a billion people visit the site every month to connect with brands, see what their favorite influencers are selling, and discover what’s new in the marketplace. That’s why it’s crucial for companies to have a if they want to generate money. Yet, you’ll need a plan to cultivate leads and transform Instagram likes into paying clients.

2. What To Do If You Want More Instagram Sales?

Do your best to get back to them as soon as possible about their comments and communications. Getting to know your Instagram followers better through their comments is essential. After you’ve established trust with your customers, they’ll be standing by, ready to make a purchase for reels comments in Instagram posts. Yet, you should never keep your commenters in suspense. If a consumer approached you face-to-face and expressed a question, would you ignore them? …or just ignore them if they call your shop? Since the response is likely to be “no,” you should make it a top priority to reply to comments left on Instagram.

If you need more evidence, consider this: forty percent of customers say they want a brand to reply to a social media message within an hour. In addition, 35% of customers say they are more loyal to firms who respond swiftly to their inquiries. Read your direct messages in addition to the comments on your posts (DMs). Every day, Instagram users send over 400 million messages to brands. Maintain a watchful eye on your inbox and react to messages as quickly as possible.

3. Leverage Insta-Bots

Of course, there are times when a prompt response is not feasible, especially outside of normal business hours. Instagram Automation by ManyChat and similar systems may be used to provide instantaneous reels comments randomly and direct messages, even while your team is unavailable.

To address common concerns, such as sizing and availability, you may use the Conversation Starters feature to submit pre-written responses. Finally, in your reply, include destination URLs to direct people to your site or product pages. The situation benefits all parties. Your social media staff may focus on expanding the Instagram following while the client gets instant support for their inquiry (which may lead to a sale).

Companies have been clamoring for Instagram to provide clickable links for quite some time. Nonetheless, despite the annoyance of many users, it does not appear to be implemented anytime soon. Fortunately, there is a way around this problem. You may increase clicks on the link in your bio (on your primary Instagram profile) by using a third-party app like Campsite or Linkinbio.

This might be the landing page for your site, or it could be a subpage, and it could lead to a variety of different places, such as a recently promoted product, a brand-new service, or a webinar you’re conducting. Finally, include a call to action (CTA) in the description of your Instagram posts, telling folks to check out your profile.

5. Tag Items From Your Instagram Shop

Instagram is only one of several social media platforms adapting to appeal to the almost half of Internet users who have made a transaction there. Instagram Shops is a new function of the app that lets online stores display their whole product catalog within the app itself. The Instagram Store allows users to shop without ever leaving the app.

Each month, almost 130 million individuals visit a retail post on Instagram. If you don’t take advantage of them, you’re leaving money on the table in terms of online sales. Shoppable articles may increase brand traffic by as much as 2,600%. Posts promoting products for sale seem like regular posts, but with one crucial distinction:

Create an Instagram account for your company and post images of your wares. Don’t have people click on your bio only to see what you’re selling; instead, tag the things you’re discussing to take them directly to the page where they can buy them.

Marketing using influential people isn’t anything brand new. 88% of consumers claim they’ve been influenced to buy anything because of an influencer or blogger, and 80% of Instagram users have clicked on a link or image shared by an influencer. This makes influencer marketing a worthwhile investment for firms.

Transform these relationships with influencers into cash cows for your company. Get an influencer to post an image featuring your product or service, then publish it on your own page with a “shop this” tag. (The rumor mill has it that Instagram is working on a set of features tailored specifically to artists and influencers, such as the option to directly purchase a brand’s wares from a creator’s profile. This will multiply the effectiveness of product placement by influencers tenfold.

7. Shoppable Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a phenomenon that you can’t afford to overlook. There are already over 500 million daily users of Stories, and this figure is expected to rise. The monetary potential of stories is enormous. Around 58% of Instagram users said that a brand’s Stories piqued their curiosity. Fifty percent more have clicked through to a company’s website and made a purchase after viewing an advertisement for a product on Stories.

But, when it comes to Instagram Stories, the number of your followers is a major factor. A “swipe up” button that directs viewers of your story to a specific landing page is available only to verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 followers.

Not appropriate for their needs? Try not to fret. You can tag goods in Instagram Stories if you have an Instagram Store. Even if it doesn’t lead directly to your website, you may still guide customers to a certain product with this method.

8. Interact With Your Audience

Your Instagram audience may be anywhere in the world, but you can still reach out to them easily thanks to Instagram. That’s a lot of weight, especially if you utilize the platform to cultivate close bonds with your followers. Unfortunately, not all Instagram followers who enjoy your posts will immediately become paying customers. Leads must be cared for over time before customers will feel confident making a purchase on your recommendation.

Here are some suggestions for establishing the kind of rapport with your audience that will encourage them to buy from you:

  • Consistently disseminate information that compels readers to respond with a like or a remark.
  • Engage them in conversation by posing questions and offering responses.
  • Inspire people to spread the word about your business and its offerings (which you can later repost as user-generated content).
  • Get them feedback on your new or forthcoming items.

9. Transform Viral Content Into Instagram Advertisements

While there are guidelines to follow when uploading to Instagram, occasionally posts become viral for reasons you can’t anticipate. Put some money behind your Instagram post if it’s generating a lot of attention. By converting a popular post into an advertisement, businesses can quickly and easily raise brand exposure within the Instagram app. (Consider it the same as paying Instagram to promote your posts.) It’s not necessary to generate revenue from Instagram posts, but the best posts are excellent marketing tools.


It’s wonderful to feel appreciated, and seeing your Instagram pictures gain a lot of likes might help you achieve that. While likes are appreciated, they won’t cover your living expenses on their own. You’ll need to find a strategy to monetize your Instagram profile.

You may accomplish this with the methods we’ve outlined below. Use Instagram Shops to tag items in posts, tweak the link in your bio for maximum click-throughs, and automate your replies to comments and direct messages for instant gratification.