Tactics To Improve Your Visual Branding On Instagram 
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4 Tactics To Improve Your Visual Branding On Instagram 

Many small brands and businesses find it difficult to grow their visual brand identity on Instagram. It can greatly affect their business because strong branding provides an instant impression on your personality. Providing visual content helps to know how your business feels and looks on social media. A visual brand identity can help you to strengthen your brand presence on Instagram, that makes you look professional, and even convert your profile visitors into followers. 

Tips To Boost Your Visual Brand On Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for marketing. As a brand, use the Instagram features to make your content appealing and selling. Along with Instagram marketing automation, boosting your business presence on the platform is a step forward to achieve marketing results. The steps below will help you to improve your visual Instagram branding. 

#1: Define Your Brand Value

The first step to level up your brand identity on Instagram is to define your brand value. Some of the points to take into consideration are: 

  • Unique ideas for your brand to stand out on Instagram
  • Find the audience you want to reach
  • The information you wish to deliver to audiences

Once you find your brand value, it is easy for you to build a visual identity based on your business goals. Finding the objective is not so difficult, but you must develop a good strategy that define your brand value and make your business stand out from the crowd. 

#2: Choosing The Right Colors

There are plenty of colors to choose from and thousands of combinations that you can use to represent your brand value on Instagram. Even different shades of the same color can have a huge different impact. According to the research, many people on Instagram enjoy watching colorful videos. So choosing a perfect color for your content and profile are the most effective way to expand your reach and awareness. 

Are you confused and find it difficult to choose a color? You can look at top influencers and brands to understand how they use color combinations to stand in unique style. If you are creative, think differently and deliver the best color combination to make your brand look authentic on Instagram. 

#3: Attract Your Target Audience

Reaching your potential audience is the perfect way to take your visual branding to the next level. Use Instagram reels to create short, engaging videos about your brand to attract your target audience to your profile. Additionally, creating videos that orient towards product videos are a great way to reels video promotion on Instagram to boost brand visibility to wider audiences. 

Understanding your target audience is the best and most well-researched marketing strategy on Instagram. Spend time analyzing your audience and creating content that strengthens your visual branding on the platform. In addition, look at your Instagram competitor and create creative content to reach a new audience to your profile. 

#4: Select The Ideal Font

Choosing the best font is also an important art that can affect your Instagram marketing strategy. Similar to your color palette, the fonts that you use in your videos will increase your brand identity. There are various categories of fonts, but most common fonts can be categorized into four types:

  • Sans serif
  • Serif
  • Display
  • Modern

Always maintain the same font in your Instagram post because it provides great value to your audience about your brand or business. Another essential thing to consider when choosing a text for your visual branding is to keep it relevant to your image or videos. Remember you are doing visual branding, so the audience will always look for image quality and authenticity. 


The above article provides you some effective ways to strengthen your visual branding on Instagram. So, consider it while promoting your brand on Instagram. Add the above tips to your visual branding strategy and note how your potential audience reacts, and make changes. With consistent and time effort, you will see your brand reach millions of new audiences every day.