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6 Creative Instagram Carousel Ideas To Gain 10x Engagement


Instagram often introduces new features and updates to enhance the better user experience. To stand out on Instagram, you need to be more authentic while creating content. Instagram carousel provides a great way to explore your creative content among wider audiences. It is the only reason why carousel posts receive  more engagement than normal image posts on Instagram. According to the research, carousel content is about 19% of the overall content on Instagram. 

If you are not using carousel posts in your Instagram marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to enhance your content reach. Whether to promote your brand or grow your followers on Instagram, use carousel posts to create compelling content for your target audience. In this post, I’ll show the engaging ways to create carousel posts on Instagram. 

Instagram carousel is a feature that enables users to upload up to 10 images in one single post. Also, this feature can be used for both photos and videos. The Instagram carousel is like a photo album that your audience can swipe through, letting you share more content with fewer posts. 

#1: Group A Theme Type Images

One of the most effective things about the Instagram carousel is that users can add a particular theme idea to make a single post with multiple images. Nowadays, many brands are using themes and seasons to reach their target audience. As a brand, maintain the same theme for your carousel post to boost your video visibility and engagement. With a great idea and good posting time, these carousel posts can potentially increase your engagement level. 

#2: Multiple Views Of A Product

To promote your product or services on Instagram, use the carousel feature to add multiple brand images with various views and angles. It makes it easier for the audience to understand your business better. Since most people can’t judge products or services with a single view, it is essential to add multiple images with different angles and side views. If you partner with other influencers, you can show their sponsored posts in your feeds. Besides this, you could balance between number of likes and post interactions using automated Instagram likes. Now, growing your fanbase organically would seem like a breeze.

#3: Share Before And After Post

Carousel posts are ideal for sharing before and after videos on Instagram. With this, your audience can compare the past and present effects of your brand in real-time. This kind of video post is the most effective way to increase your video engagement on Instagram. Nowadays, many brands share these two videos by showing authentic results of their products to grab audience’s attention thus driving greater engagement for their posts. 

#4: Create Tutorial Videos

We all know that the Instagram carousel posts allows you to post both images and videos. So, it is best to create step-by-step tutorial videos to educate your target audience on the platform. Recent research says educational videos are getting more engagement than normal posts on Instagram. Instead of posting single videos, use a carousel post to add multiple videos to showcase the process of your product or services as a series. Many top brands and influencers are sharing tutorial videos to teach their potential audience and gain business exposure. 

#5: Showcase Customer Reviews

First, the success of a business on Instagram can be calculated by how people review your brand. With great reviews, a product or service can grab the attention of wider audiences. So if you are receiving good reviews from your customer, show them your potential audience using Instagram carousel posts. By using this feature, share multiple customer reviews and encourage many new audiences to write reviews for your products or services. 

Wrapping Up

Now it is your time to decide how to use Instagram carousel posts to gain better reach and engagement on the platform. Always share high-quality videos to attract the audience and encourage them to interact with you. Coming through the above guide helps you with some creative carousel post ideas to use in your Instagram marketing strategy and reach grand success. 

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