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Proven Instagram Tips To Increase Views On Your Reels


Are you interested in learning strategies to increase the number of views on your Instagram reels? Given that Instagram ranks as the fifth most frequently downloaded application globally, possessing the knowledge of how to promote your reels effectively can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and captivate your audience’s attention. In this article, we will provide some proven recommendations to enhance the viewership of your Instagram reels.

What is the Significance of Increasing Views on Reels? 

There are numerous justifications for utilizing Instagram’s reels functionality. Utilizing Instagram reels as a marketing strategy can enhance your follower count and stimulate your intended audience to explore additional content related to your business. According to statistics, a significant majority of users, specifically 90%, view videos on Instagram on a weekly basis.

Below is a compilation of advantages that can be obtained upon successfully boosting the number of views on your Instagram reels:

Increased Potential Audience – Viral reels have the potential to be showcased on the Explore page, a platform that attracts 50% of Instagram’s user base on a monthly basis for the purpose of discovering fresh content.

Instagram reels have been found to generate 67% more engagement compared to conventional Instagram videos. Publishing additional reels can enhance the likelihood of receiving a greater number of likes and comments in comparison to solely posting pictures.

Increased brand trust can be achieved through higher viewership of your videos, which in turn increases the likelihood of viewer engagement. Increased engagement serves as a form of social validation, indicating to your audience that your enterprise is genuine and reliable.

Instagram reels possess significant potential for enhancing brand recognition, fostering interaction with your intended demographic, and ultimately expanding your online enterprise.

Here are some effective strategies to enhance the viewership of your Instagram Reels:

Develop High-Quality Content

What distinguishes the utilization of Instagram for brand promotion from its use for personal gratification? It pertains to the type of content an individual generates and shares on their Instagram profile. The content on your personal account may encompass a variety of subjects that you wish to share, whereas your Instagram business profile is primarily designed to promote your brand to your audience.

In order to increase the viewership of your Instagram reels, it is recommended to create educational content similar to Neil Patel’s reels, which offer SEO tips for online marketers. By this way, you will get a chance to receive tens of thousands of views per reel on Instagram

Here is a technique that Instagram professionals employ to boost the count of reel viewers: Navigate to the Explore section of Instagram and select the reels section. Instagram’s sophisticated algorithm ensures that you are presented with pertinent reels that align with your user activity.

What is the most advantageous aspect? These reels are likely to have a substantial number of Reels views as they have been featured on Instagram. It is recommended to not only view the reels. Utilize them as a source of inspiration by identifying the audio employed in these reels. 

A useful guideline to remember is that to enhance the likelihood of your Instagram reel achieving virality, and it is advisable to ensure that the source video of the audio has garnered a minimum of 1 million views.

By doing so, it can be ensured that Instagram is already aware of the popularity and preference of this particular audio among its users. Furthermore, it has been showcased and has garnered over a million views.

Create Short And Engaging Reels 

Were you aware that the typical attention span is limited to a mere 8 seconds? It has been observed that audience engagement for Instagram reels tends to decrease if the duration of the video exceeds 8-10 seconds. If the audience’s attention is not captured within the initial few seconds, they might proceed to the next reel due to their busy schedule.

One effective approach to engaging your audience is, to begin with, an intriguing story, an interesting fact, or a thought-provoking statement that piques their curiosity. What happens if the viewer does not complete watching the entire Instagram video?

One possible solution to address this matter is to ensure that the duration of your Instagram reels is at most 10 seconds. Incorporating an attention-grabbing introduction into your brief video clip can enhance the likelihood of retaining your audience’s attention for the entirety of the sub-10-second duration.

Consider this Instagram reel by Cinnabon as an illustrative example. The content exhibits an intriguing hook due to its relatable nature and has garnered a viewership of over 800,000, owing to its concise duration of just under 10 seconds.

Incorporate Instagram Video Feeds 

To efficiently promote your Instagram reels to your website visitors, you can showcase your Instagram video feed on WordPress, which can potentially increase your viewership. To enhance the viewership of your reels, consider integrating your Instagram video feed into the Products section of your website. Implementing this approach enables your website visitors to conveniently access and watch your reels directly on your website, regardless of whether they are following your account.

Incorporating an Instagram video feed into your website is a straightforward process. Instagram Feed Pro enables users to promptly generate, personalize, and integrate visually appealing Instagram reel feeds onto their WordPress platform within a span of 5 minutes.

The Instagram Feed Pro is a user-friendly tool that can be easily set up without any coding requirements. The product is designed to function seamlessly upon initial use, allowing for the prompt presentation of Instagram video feeds that are automatically tailored to complement the aesthetic of your website.

Include Appropriate Hashtags

Utilizing appropriate hashtags is a highly effective approach to enhancing the visibility of your reels. Incorporating relevant hashtags into your Instagram reel can enhance its visibility and attract a larger audience. Please ensure that you include at most 10 hashtags. Any content exceeding this limit may be flagged as spam by Instagram’s algorithm. Subsequently, you can incorporate an Instagram feed consisting of reels that utilize your branded hashtag onto your website, promoting them to your website visitors and increasing their viewership.

Publish Content During Peak Hours 

An effective approach to enhance the viewership and interaction of your Instagram reels is to publish them at the optimal time, i.e., when your followers are highly active. Generally, the optimal times to publish content on Instagram are Wednesdays at 11:00 am and Fridays between 10:00 and 11:00 am. If you possess an Instagram business account, you can utilize the Insights feature of the app to determine the most active time of your followers.

Organize A Promotional Campaign With A Viral Giveaway

The greater the number of followers on your Instagram account, the greater the likelihood of receiving increased viewership on your reels. Organizing an Instagram giveaway is a highly efficient approach to publicizing your account and garnering a larger following. According to research, Instagram accounts that conduct frequent giveaways experience a 70% increase in growth rate compared to those that do not.

RafflePress is a highly recommended giveaway plugin for individuals who own WordPress websites. This drag-and-drop giveaway builder enables you to generate and release viral giveaways with minimal effort effortlessly.

The platform offers a plethora of pre-designed giveaway templates, facilitating the swift creation of an Instagram giveaway within a matter of minutes. The “Grow Your Instagram Following” template enables you to motivate your website visitors to participate in your giveaway by directing them to your Instagram profile. Are you interested in increasing the number of views on your Instagram reels videos? RafflePress can also facilitate the inclusion of an Instagram post within the giveaway widget as a prerequisite for user participation.

Consider incorporating questions into your captions to engage your audience and encourage them to interact with your content.

Acquiring a viral status on Instagram is not solely contingent on increasing the number of views on your reels. It is imperative that your videos are highly engaging. In addition to garnering views, it is imperative for your Instagram reels to receive engagement in the form of likes and comments from diverse users on the platform. The consistent engagement of your followers through likes and comments on your videos significantly impacts Instagram’s algorithm. Consequently, Instagram will accord priority to featuring your reels on Instagram feed, thereby increasing your visibility and viewership.

When one is frequently uploading reels, it can be challenging to generate fresh content ideas. Posting reels about current trends can be beneficial for your brand, as long as they are relevant to your brand’s niche. BuzzFeed’s Tasty has incorporated its own unique branding into the ASMR trend by producing an ASMR video featuring a recipe for strawberry puffs.

Incorporate Instagram Video Widgets into your website

Were you aware that it is possible to incorporate your Instagram reels into the sidebar section of your website? By integrating an Instagram video widget onto your website, all visitors can view your videos, regardless of whether or not they currently follow your Instagram account. The greater the number of visitors to your website, the higher the potential viewership of your reels.

How To Increase The Number Of Views On Your Instagram Reels?

Therefore, that concludes the presentation, we trust that this article will assist you in garnering increased viewership on reels, thereby enhancing your promotional efforts on Instagram. Are you prepared to enhance your Instagram marketing efforts? Commence your Instagram Feed Pro journey and promptly enhance your followers and video views on Instagram. Would you like to incorporate Instagram feeds into your website’s footer section? This article provides guidance on how to showcase an Instagram footer widget on your website. If you have found this article to be helpful, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive additional social media marketing tips and tricks.